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Its Not Incest

2023-01-21 01:34:40

It's Not Incest

A brother and sister, age fifteen and fourteen find themselves alone for the summer with both mom and dad working. Boredom sets in quickly and the brother has ideas to pass the time away.

“Its not incest I’m telling you the truth”

“Look Rob, it is. You want me to show you my boobies and you’re my brother, that’s incest no matter how you look at it, isn’t it?”

“Rachael, listen, yes you are my sister but what harm is there in just showing me some of your skin? You have to understand it would only be incest if I were touch your tits! And I promise not to lay a hand on you, unless you tell me I can.”

Laying on the bed across from her it’s apparent to Rachael that Rob is excited from the bulge in his pajamas. She can only wonder what’s inside the pajamas. Rob wouldn’t be the first boy to see her tits, her so called boyfriend played with them last year when they were only half the size that was until he started blabbering to his friends about it.

But this was different it was her brother. After a long thought process Rachael reluctantly relents peeling her bathrobe open for Rob.

“Remember no touching!” Rob could not believe his eyes or his luck; he thought he was headed down a dead end street. He marveled at her tits, perfect size, smallish cone shaped mounds with dark pink nipples at the end. He just had to touch them.

“How about I run my hand over them once, that surely wouldn’t be incest, maybe I do it accidentally? What-a-say Rachael? Just once?”

“You sure it wouldn’t be incest Rob?”

“No Rachael, it wouldn’t be incest, only if I was to play with them, you know in a sexual way.”

Before she could say no Rob’s hand was grazing over her tits. He didn’t stop; his palm was chaffing her nipple that was now growing into a firm little pebble exciting her like before.

“Better stop Rob, you’re doing it too long.”

“No Rachael, I’m only checking them out, these are great!” The checking them out bit was getting a bit involved as his hand was tracing over them and he was paying more attention to those firm nipples.

“Remember Rachael, it’s only incest if I do it for sexual gratification. Rachael how would it be if I kiss them?”

That’s incest Rob, No way.”

“No, not really.”

“You sure it’s not And why wouldn’t it be?.”

“Yes, I’m sure” Then his mouth was sucking in those glorious nipples. By this time her bathrobe was fully open, with her baby blue panties on her long tanned legs were stretched out but tightly closed, Rob had made his way to her side, lying beside her he began a slow rhythm of humping her leg not wanting to scare her off.

Rob’s hand was moving downward as he continued to suck the tits.

“You want to kiss me Rachael?”

“You are going to far with this Rob, that would be incest.

“No it wouldn’t be incest, only if we were to French kiss, you know swap tongues, just a little lip action and it would be OK.”

“You sure about that.” By then it was too late he had his mouth on hers for a few minutes then he was stunned when he felt Rachael bite the tip of his tongue as he slipped between her lips.

“No tongue Rob! But she wanted to feel it twirl along hers as she allowed him to begin again. This time she didn’t object and they were deeply kissing.

“I gotta get more comfortable” as he began to peel off his pajama top. She was amazed at his body; he was a handsome dude, her girlfriends often awed over him.

“No more than that comes off brother, we shouldn’t be doing this as it is, what brother and sister lay in bed half naked with each other, this is incest!”

“Come on Rachael, it’s not incest, we’re not doing anything bad.” But as he sweet talked her he had his pajama bottoms sliding down his legs until only one leg was caught around his ankle.

Sliding his tongue deep into her mouth, his fingers tweaking a nipple, in a non threatening manner rolled over on top of her. There weren’t many clothes protecting their sexes, just two thin fabrics.

“What the Hell rob, get off me now, and I mean it, this has gotten out of hand, this is way too dangerous, I can actually feel your penis touching he down there. I don’t care what you say this now incest we’re committing, and it’s a cardinal sin.”

“Hell no Rachael, listen please, it’s only incest if we were to be naked doing this, but this is only harmless fun, no one is being hurt are they? Why shouldn’t we doing it if we both like it?”

His answer made sense to her, even if it was a perverted theory.

“Well does it feel good to you, come on tell me the truth.”

She didn’t want to admit the truth, yes it did feel good to her, but she was afraid it would go to far, how much further would Rob want to take it? She soon found out when his hands gripped the sides of his briefs and began a quick removal of them. They were now at his knees and she could feel warmth radiating from his groin against hers, even through her panties.

Another minute and he was making a slow regression of her blue panties.

“rob I think this is getting out of hand, just to play it safe I think my panties need to stay on, if they come off what’s to prevent you from putting your penis inside me? No way around that Rob, that WOULD be incest!”

“No, no, no, I wouldn’t even think of that Rachael, that would be going too far, just that I thought it would be kinda neat to feel our bodies together, even if we are naked I wouldn’t try anything. Just that feeling of being close to you would make my day. You could keep your legs shut and all if you like.”

She was easy, now both were completely naked, Rob laying on top of his sister, her legs tightly clamped together, kissing deeply, as Rob grinded away his dick at the sparse hair on her mound.

“You sure this isn’t incest Rob? I think it is, it’s not normal, no one does this.”

“No it’s not incest Rachael, believe me, and besides Tommy and his sister do this all the time, just what we’re doing, and they both like it lot. Besides it is not incest unless you were to let me, you now, do it.”

“Do what?”

“You now, do it, like me put my dick in you, then it would be incest. You could spread your legs a little, that would be OK, that would be crossing the line or anything.”

It sounded good but she had reservations about spreading her legs, she thought it best to keep them closed, just in case. Rob made progress and a few minutes later he found himself amidst her shapely legs. With physical encouragement her legs bent at the knees.

“See this isn’t so bad is it Rachael, like I promised I haven’t tried to put it inside you, have I?’

She didn’t like admitting it but no he hadn’t tried, and it did feel quite nice have him rub his boner up the length of her crack, for a second she thought of the unthinkable, what if does want to put it inside? Rachael knew it wasn’t right, no way would she let it happen, she was saving her virginity for the right boy, she wasn’t ready to surrender it yet.

“Rachael this is so good being close to your sister like this, we need to do this more often, really there’s nothing wrong with us doing this, like I said Tommy and his sister do it all the time. She even lets him put it inside her.”

“She does what? Is she crazy or something, why would she let him do that, he could go to jail, that is incest, no way around it that is wrong and it’s INCEST!”

“Well they both like it, like it a lot too, that’s what he told me, and he wouldn’t lie. He told me they both don’t consider it incest because when he puts it in it’s only for a few minutes”

By this time both teenagers were excited, both were leaking out slimy fluids from their sexes coating them making it exceptionally easy for Rob to slide his dick around the outer folds of his sister’s pussy. Once or twice it would catch on her pussy lips, each time it did he would purposely leave it there momentarily before continuing onward.

Heated Rachael mumbled incoherently “Rob I think it’s time to stop, were both too excited, we gotta stop before we go to far. How far does Tommy put it in her?”

“Only the head of his dick, no further, then it’s not incest”

“You sure it’s not incest”

“Yes” then his cock head was engulfed into her cunt lips where it rested for a minute.

Rob started making small movements in and out not wanting to frighten her but he felt her ass making gyrations under him.

“He doesn’t put it al the way in?”

“No, well maybe sometimes he does.”

“You said that would be incest if it went all the way in.”

“No I said if you let it stay inside you it would be incest.”

Her legs raised of the bed slightly as he moved down on his sister until he felt a tightness just pat her cunt lips, he knew it was her cherry, and he wasn’t sure how she would take it if he were to steal it from her, but the temptation was too much.

“You won’t leave it in for too long will you Rob, promise to remove it after a few seconds?”

“You have my word of honor Rachael, I swear on grandmother’s grave.”

Slowly he pushed until he slipped past what felt like I tight ring of muscles not stopping until he was fully buried inside her pussy. They both knew he was entirely inside her body when they felt his ball bag full of potent baby seed resting against her pooper.

Tears of pain ran down the girls face from the pain, she pushed at his torso trying to remove his body from hers to no avail. Rob lay still for a few minutes not wanting for it to stop, it was just too much pleasure for him.

“Rob you sure this isn’t incest, cause I have this real guilty felling it is, you’re my brother and I’m letting fuck me, tell me how this isn’t incest? You have had in me for more than few minutes, we’re committing incest, you said so yourself.”

By this time the pain had dwindled, it was almost replaced with comfort as Rob began a slow rhythm of pulling out and pushing back in.

“Please Rachael, believe me it isn’t incest. It’s just fun between brother and sister. It only considered incest if I were to cum inside you, then it would be incest!”

Rachael had never taken into account the thought of that. What if she got pregnant? That would be great, how would she explain that?

“Rob don’t even THINK of that, you better take it out right now before you do it inside me.”

The poor girl was not familiar with the workings of a boy, sure she knew they spill out cum but wasn’t sure of how it took place, further she did not recognize the urgency of his movements. Rob was on a calling, in and out he went over and over for a long few minutes when he began a slowed but meaningful craving. With a final push he inserted his dick further in than it had been before holding it still.

Silence filled the room with the exception of Rob grunting, she felt his dick start pulsating and as it twitched she also felt a warmth fill her belly as he spewed out baby seed that flooded her uterus with sperm. It began to fill the cavity to the point it could not hold it anymore and started to leak out around their sexes.

When he finished ejecting his cum he relaxed as she began crying once again, not from pain but from fear. Small goblets at first escaped around his dick than as he slid back and reinserted himself a stream of sperm trickled down out of her cunt flowing past her asshole until pooling on the sheets.

“Now you’ve done it Rob, not only have we committed INCEST, you’ve cummed in me, real swell you jerk.

“Now just wait one minute Rachael, it isn’t incest, believe me it isn’t INCEST, it’s only incest if you do more than once”

She was a little relieved with his words of comfort.

But then he began to slide in and out of the drenched pussy as his dick started to get hard again.